Prem MoodleyPrem Moodaley has a degree in Sociology and Political Science from University of Natal, South Africa.  Her interest in alternative health led to advanced studies and internationally recognized diplomas in reflexology, meridian therapy, aromatherapy and therapeutic counselling.  She is also a Reiki Master of the Usui and Seichem traditions, and has co-presented workshops and retreats in alternative health and spiritual leadership.  In 2000 – she met her spiritual mentor and teacher Leslie Temple Thurston  author of “The Marriage of Spirit – Enlightened Living in Today’s World” and embarked on studies with her that led to her completing and graduating as a teacher of the egoic clearing techniques known as The Reconciliation of Opposites. After a unique spiritual pilgrimage to the 64 Hirapur Yogini temple in Orissa India in 2012, she was inspired to combine her knowledge, wisdom and insights into the healing of the feminine wound. This led to her writing an eight module in depth course called “Sacred Feminism – A journey into the heart of the Feminine Wound”.

“I am a mystic at heart and am inspired by the Mystical Christian Contemplative traditions, the Non-dual Tantric traditions of India and Mystics and Wild Women of all traditions across time.”

“The journey into the heart of the Feminine Wound is the first step on the path towards realizing your True Self as the Sacred Embodiment of Universal Truth, Love and Wisdom”

Prem is available for private counselling sessions for women via Telephone or Skype, circle work, workshops on the Sacred Feminine, and retreats for small groups.

She lives in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. For more information browse through our website: www.sacredfeminism64.com.