In Conversation with Aurelie Lemiere

Aurelie Lemiere is a unique woman with an amazing heart.  Her selfless work to uplift communities in South Africa through her unique blend of Joy and Commitment, stands out as an example of exemplary visionary leadership.  It has been a privilege and an honor to do this interview with her.  May her work of Love, Joy and Service be an inspiration to all of us.

She lives in Cape Town – South Africa.

Prem:  I am intrigued at how a French woman has formed such a strong connection to the South African landscape. What inspires you about our beautiful country?

Aurelie:  I felt a strong energetic and spiritual connection with South Africa.  When I first arrived here 7 years ago, I first fell in love with the landscapes of this country, the beauty of the scenery, the open-minded and warm-hearted people, the culture, the wildlife and everything else that makes South Africa so special.  South Africa allowed me to connect to Nature on a much deeper level.  It was really love at first sight.  I can clearly say now that I have a love affair with South Africa and I can also add that I feel that I have a great sense of purpose here.  The beauty of the country leaves me speechless.  I just want to keep saying WOW the whole time.  I find the country mind-blowing in a very good way.  The beauty, the musical talents…among all the other talents.  South Africa allowed me to be born again and create a New Me, a New Life….

South Africa – Cape Point

Prem:  What is the inspiration behind “Voice The Change” ——-the Core philosophy and why the name “Voice The Change”

Aurelie:  I chose the name Voice The Change for a few reasons: 

Firstly:  I believe that Change is constant, we need to change all the time in order to evolve and grow as human beings, it is part of human nature.  Everything changes all the time such as the cycles of life and death.  Take a seed or a child for example and watch it grow, you will see it constantly changes.

Second:  because I believe we need to voice what we would like to see change in ourselves (or others), in an authentic way, when we do this, the world around us will start changing as well.  This is the law of attraction…the law of the Universe

Thirdly:  Voice The Change is a platform to express what needs to change to see a more sustainable self and world.  This is a platform where you can be heard if you want to inspire, uplift or empower others. It also is a platform showing positive actions that people are taking to offer sustainable realistic solutions to communities…and this has a positive and lasting effect.

I must admit I am very inspired by Gandhi’s quote ….“Be the Change you wish to see in the world…”  I always wandered why somebody didn’t do something about the lack of peace in the world and then I realized….I am somebody.  I am here to be the change I want to see in the world by impacting other people’s lives positively through what I do. 

The Voice The Change movement was born not long after I wrote or rather channeled a song called “Peaceful Change”.  Connecting my passions, my purpose, and this song gifted me the opportunity to step into something bigger.

Voice The Change empowers people to find their voice so that they can create the difference they want to see in their worlds.  It is a movement and a platform designed to catalyze global transformation – starting here in South Africa.

We create opportunities for positive changes in children’s, teens or adult’s lives through edutainment, personal development, empowerment and upliftment programmes  aiming to build resilience, increase self confidence, self worth, and also raising awareness towards ending violence, rape and abuse by offering different solutions and by building bridges of solidarity and compassion in South Africa and around the world.


“Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”

Prem:  As women, it is so crucial to find our voice, what advice do you have for women in finding the courage – to use their voices to effect change in their lives?

Aurelie:  Stand in your power, in your truth by embracing your fears, make friends with them.  Allow yourself to receive love and be supported.  Join a support group like Voice The Change, it is a family, a tribe, as well as a movement.

Prem:  What role do you feel music plays in bringing people together?

Aurelie:  Music has an amazing healing uplifting effect on everyone.  It also allows us to feel and notice what emotions come up – depending on the music or melody listened to.  I have cried many times playing my accordion and listening to music.  Music touches my heart on so many deep levels.  It is very therapeutic for me and it can definitely heal people as well which is why bringing people together through music is fundamental.  The words of a song can have such a positive impact and such healing power to shift our consciousness towards Love.

Aurelie,  playing her beloved accordion

 Prem:  Could you speak a little about the projects Voice The Change initiates?

Aurelie:  The Upliftment Programme and Voice The Change develop and share Daily Life Tools of Upliftment, we offer training to care givers, catalysts and facilitators who want to Uplift our societies in Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, Businesses and Communities.  We offer:

  • *Empowerment/Joy Sessions and Workshop
  • *Community Development
  • *Personal Development

Prem:  I am intrigued that you call yourself a “Joy Catalyst”, can you explain or try to describe what joy means to you…is this the same as Joie de Vivre – the French people speak about?  Translate what Joy de Vivre means to you?

Aurelie:  A Joy Catalyst makes a positive impact on everyone they meet, spreading Joy on her/his path.  Joie de vivre means Joy of Living.  So when we fully embody this joy of living it becomes contagious and everyone can only feel uplifted by such experience. For me, Joy is a way of expressing gratitude for being alive and for being Life itself.  Joy is also about spreading happiness and kindness everywhere you go.   A Joy Catalyst transforms peoples lives through joy…teaching uplifting and empowering activities and tools….Please check our mission about training in this, on our website.

Joie de Vivre

Prem:  Many people, especially women are so challenged by life at the moment, what advice would you give them as to how to bring more Joy into their lives?

Aurelie:  I say to my friends and students:  Be gentle with yourself, we don’t do this enough…we are so hard on ourselves all the time.  I feel it is time to be reminded that we are enough and that we can only do our best….so let’s not be hard on ourselves….in any case, if we make mistakes…we learn from them.  We need to let go of self-criticism, self judgement and love ourselves more and more everyday.  This is a goal I like to integrate in my mind and body through Brain Gym/EduK movements.  “I love myself more and more everyday”

Prem:  Tell us about Brain Gym and how it facilitates Integration and Harmony?

Aurelie:  Brain Gym International is committed to the principle that moving with intention leads to optimal learning.  Through our movement based programs, we empower all ages to reclaim the Joy of Living.  Brain Gym has proven to be successful in a variety of learning and working environments.  Brain Gym is used to activate highest performance potential and increased self-esteem that will fit into even the busiest of schedules.

This program offers hope to parents with children suffering a variety of learning difficulties including ADD, ADHD, low motivation, low self esteem and dyslexia.  We have seen that by giving the brain the tools it needs to function more efficiently, many of these barriers can be affectively addressed without the use of mind altering medications such as Ritalin.  In combination with Educational Kinesiology and the assistance of our exceptional practitioners, Brain Gym proves effective in addressing learning difficulties in our children as well as improving the working mindset for the professional in a stressful job environment.  We perform better and achieve more when we de-stress!

Brain Gym offers the tools for improving the quality of daily life in a stressful environment.   Anyone can benefit from our programs, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Brain Gym

Prem:  Your thoughts on …..World Peace….

Aurelie:  Peace starts within us first, once we are at peace with ourselves, then, we can spread it around us.  “Be still, tune in, until you can anchor peace within you ………..then you can save a city…and eventually the world.”

Prem:  Your thoughts on ….. Community….

Aurelie:  I wish and pray for Peaceful Communities on Earth where we live in Love and Harmony, are able to Co-Create and Collaborate peacefully passed the seven sins, the negative beliefs and thoughts.  I wish and pray for Global Oneness.

For the Love of Peace….and Community

Prem:  Your thoughts on ……Education….how do you think education should evolve from its present form?

Aurelie:  I think we need to create change agents within the schools that will allow/manage communication about the essential needs between the students, the teachers and the parents.  I feel we need to bring more empowerment and upliftment training programs to teach important values and skills to the students and the teachers for positive changes to take place in the education system.  I think these programs will solve many problems such as reduce violence, bullying, low self esteem, low confidence, less competition and more team work and cooperation/collaboration.

I think that the most appropriate way to teach students/children when they make mistakes is to use empowering tools which they can practice such as meditation, yoga, Brain Gym and other holistic modalities to eradicate guilt, shame, embarrassment and negative emotions that are only being reinforced if we keep projecting guilt on them.  It is my vision to teach in a holistic way that empowers students as this is the way forward for positive growth and human evolution.


Prem:  Your thoughts on …..how do we as parents facilitate….Children ….integrating more Joy and Flow into their lives?

Aurelie:  I advise to practice daily and regular activities that assists in integrating body, mind and spirit for both optimal learning and optimal well being.  Activities such as Brain Gym/EduK, Meditation, Visualisations, Mindfulness, Yoga and Relaxation Times.  It is important to incorporate fun an relaxing activities into the weekly schedule.

The Importance of  Play

Prem:  A book, A Movie, A Quote or Piece of Music that inspires you….

Aurelie:  Book:  Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani

                Movie:   The Prophet

                Music:    Josh Groban – “You are Loved”, “You raise me Up”, Snatam Kaur – “The Heart of the


                Quotes:  Theresa of Avila – “Love alone gives value to all things”

                                 Nelson Mandela – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to

                                                                     change the world”

                                 Marianne Williamson:  “Love is what we were born with.  Fear is what we learned


Prem:  Your vision for a New Earth….

Aurelie:  Our Vision is to grow a Joy Movement throughout Southern Africa an the world by Sharing Love, Acts of Remarkable Kindness and Inspiring more and more people to by Joy Catalysts.  

“I dream of a World which is Peace with Itself and where everyone is simply happy to live….”

A World of Love and Peace

Believe in Yourself, Love Yourself.  Do what you need to do to find Inner Peace and Inner Love….It starts with you first……..The Truth is within us not outside of us…….” I often say……”Respond to every call that excites your Spirit”

 Affirm: “I love myself more and more each day”

The Dance of Self Love








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