Freedom: “The Art of Allowing; The Courage to Be”



In this Sutra – I explore Freedom.  In a world matrix which influences our every thought and action – freedom is something that feels elusive.  No matter how many material possessions we own, how much knowledge we have accumulated or titles we have – many of us feel a silent oppression.  We have a faint dream of innocence, of childlike trust and yet this elusive way of being completely eludes us as we live a life of just trying to survive the day.

The “Veil of Separation” from the Source of All Creativity – The Great Mother – Sophia/Shakti – a River of Love that bathes both the Earth and the Heavens and “Everything in between” – has been so entrenched within our psyches, that we live in a consciousness of scarcity and struggle and pathological control. We have totally bought into the belief that our power lies outside of us. The Art of Allowing and Being is one of the forgotten Arts of the Sacred Feminine – I have called it the Freedom Code.

How then can we seed a new way of living in the world, how can we in our own small way plant another seed and allow it to flower and obliterate the patriarchal conditioning that keeps us enslaved to being the “doer” of our lives.  At a time of world crisis – there is very little we can do but plant new seeds in our own lives and through our visions –  for our children in the future.


“Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves.  It is a daily practice.”

Thich Nhat Hanh



“Sophia” “Shakti” – Mother of  Freedom”



The foundation of this new way of being is Trust – without trust in the Invisible Presence of Benevolence, Immense intelligence and Love we cannot find new way to live our lives.  We learn to relax and allow this Force to move through us and create our lives from within.  This deep relaxation into the Truth and Love of this “Timeless moment” is the only practice we need.  At the end of all our angst, our searching, our striving – it comes down to this “Now” – in deep relaxation and attunement.  The Courage comes in the Trusting and the living into the “Unknowing”.  The false ego mind hates this of course,  as it has been bred to attune to the outside – with its distractions and distorted creations.  We have not realized that it is our endless distraction and striving that has taken us away from our True Core Power. This Power is known as Shakti.  And this  power can only be tapped into, in the present moment, and by attuning and listening and slowing down.  It is this alignment that we have been seeking for our whole lives believing that it is outside of us.

We allow the events in our lives to unfold and by listening deep within we are guided in our next steps.  This is a complete undoing of all we have believed ourselves to be and like the Fool in the Tarot we are willing to surrender to the flow and within that flow all our soul needs are met.



“The Fool”


This new way of being eventually becomes the default setting on our inner compass and its Evolutionary potential is Revolutionary.  Through this revolutionary act we are able to   channel Beingness into Creative actions that serve the whole of Life.  This way of being is entirely fuelled by Love – a Love that our minds will never able to understand – an Unfathomable Love that flows through Everything.


One of my favourite quotes is by Franz Kafka –




The Teachings of the Scarlet Sutra is dedicated to the Red Goddess Lalita, Sophia, Mary Magdalene, the 64 Yoginis and The Red Priestesses from all Traditions throughout the Ages.

Prem Moodaley

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February Full Moon 2020

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