Lovers – Union, Pure Awareness, Pure Love

“The minute I heard my first love story

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was,

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other

all along…” Rumi


In this sutra I explore the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine and what it means to embody them.  This sacred configuration can be seen in the Eternal Lovers – Christ-Magdalene/Shiva-Shakti and many other Divine/Ordinary couples throughout the ages.

The Lovers are the building blocks of the Universe and they exist in complete union within us. They exist as polarity and it is only in Union within ourselves that we discover the most sublime secret – that we are both – spirit and matter, light and dark, heaven and earth – all spiraling within and around one another.

The challenge of this human existence is to bring these lovers together and we do it within our own body temple.  This is the alchemy of integration and the fuel of awakening into Love and Truth.  So what then do these two forces represent?

“I have been listening to the love songs of

Form longing for formless.

What are these energies

Undulating through our bodies

Pulsing us into action?

And this “matter” out of which our forms are made-

What are these dancing particles

Of condensed radiance?

Lorin Roche




Sacred Masculine 


The Witness







Still point

The Seer



Sacred Feminine








The Dance

The Mother




I vow to never forget: I am You.

I vow to recognize: you’re right here,

in the cadence of my breath,

in the dull quiet ache, of wanting only more of you.

I vow to let our union guide me.

Not just your heaven, but also my earth.

Not just your strength, but also my weakness.

I vow to be a Presence of Love made more powerful because imperfect, faltering.

Made more powerful because my broken spaces are where you enter me.

I vow to be nothing more than I am.

This singular chance to marry your love to my humanity”

Meggan Watterson



The very essence of our being contains these divine energies and yet we continue to seek outside ourselves.  The Divine Masculine and Feminine are not separate, they are eternal union.  Even though the Feminine becomes the whole of creation She is in constant union with the ground of being – the underlying force of existence.  

We have lost our connection to the realization and presence of these forces through our false identification with our minds.  We get lured into the matrix of  thinking and the drama of our lives, seeking outside ourselves for our validation, our completion, never looking within to where the true treasure hides.

When we empty ourselves of our personal story and become silent we are bathing in the realm of the Sacred Masculine/Christ/Shiva energies.  We are surrendered into the Truth of our Being.  We have detached from our mind with its stories and acquired conditioning, in essence we become spiritually naked. In this Naked space we have access to the Vastness of our True Self beyond the limitations of the form our mind identifies with.

From this place of Stillness – we birth the Sacred Feminine/ The Mother/Shakti.  She is Love and this Love is the perfume of Pure Existence.  It is from this wholeness and freshness that we engage with the world, we allow ourselves to know the miracle of existence within the human body vessel with its joy and its suffering.  We engage in play, in creativity and in the sensuality of the human experience. We continually become – allowing more expanded forms of creativity and evolution to manifest through us.  We become the Mother – holding and integrating all polarities within our vast Heart, we become Love in Action in Union with all of Life.


“Here sits the Holy of Holies.

The Secret, The Diamond, The Well.

We are Everything and each other.

The Light, the Dark, the Sun, the Moon.

The Mother, the Sky, the Father, the Earth,

The Orb of Light that orbits us.

The Dawn, the Daughter,

The fixed Presence that forgives us.

We are Everything and each other.

We can only heal if we see together

The Red Thread looped around the back of our Hearts.

No matter how separate we think we are,

No worldly knife or hardened words can break it.

No amount of our own humanity can untether it.

We cannot undo what we didn’t create.

And so Love is a bond that can’t be unmade.”

Meggan Watterson


Eternally One


The Teachings of the Scarlet Sutra is dedicated to the Red Goddess Lalita, Mary Magdalene, the Yoginis and The Red Priestesses from all Traditions throughout the Ages.

Prem Moodaley Copyright 2018

June 2018


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