Trust – A Revolutionary and Evolutionary Act of Courage



Trust requires unconditional opening to Love


At this time of immense uncertainty we are being given an evolutionary opportunity to leave behind the safe shores of our intellect and merge with the Heart – this ancient resonant awareness of the Divine Feminine – the Sacred Mother within all things – permeating all of creation, the very core of our existence.

This resonant Field of magnetic frequency is Love –  not the love that we are conditioned into, and that we are taught to find outside of ourselves,  but a Love Field that is buoyant and fluid,  and that is deeply resonant with Power, Grace and Wisdom – an invisible, all encompassing unfathomable Love –  yet deeply and immediately available.


“You are encircled

by the arms of the Mystery of God”

 Hildegard of Bingen


“There is an Intelligence, a Love within which we are enfolded,

a larger Field in which we live” Anne Hillman


Language is very limited and  words trap us in concepts that imprison us from our deepest knowing, from having direct experience of that which cannot be imprisoned in words.   Our words are our past and we are deeply conditioned into their learnt meanings.  Words like God, Divinity, Love, Wisdom, and actually any word that our intellect serves up to us may sound wonderful but until we have a direct experience of that word – a lived, felt and embodied knowing – we cannot live that energy in our lives.  This is one of the biggest traps we face as we embark on a journey into embodied awakening. The  path requires that we move from our learned intellectual concepts to direct experience, engaging all our senses especially our feeling sense.  This is what true Gnosis is – direct and unmediated experience of Truth and of Love.



Sensing Love is the first step on our journey into Trust


We live in a cultural milieu that has programmed us into patriarchal values through every system of the world –   our political, educational, economic and even our religious systems –  whose values are reinforced through the media everyday, urge us to find our sense of security in the outside world. Life has become a game to survive.   Thus, it is quite daunting to embark on a journey to find that sense of safety, our essential rootedness in the “ground of our being”  within.   We deeply engage our edge – and this  requires immense trust and surrender, courage and grit –  a step by step, breath by breath relinquishing of all that we have previously relied on to feel safe. 

We rarely grasp the reality of living in a field of Love and instead we feel victimized by life never truly grasping the deep soul lessons of the challenges presented to us and the rich opportunities for awakening to the Love and Truth within and around us.

The straight and the narrow path requires us to open unconditionally and to allow this Love in, through our intention and attention to its Presence.  We reroute our habitual patterns of identifying with our story, our wounds and the projections of our relentless habitual mindsets, and come to a place of living in the present moment, in the Heart, deeply trusting our journey, allowing ourselves to be guided like a little child into our next steps.  Trust requires us to become a child again and again, allowing this great field of Love to live life through us, rooting ourselves into the deep nourishment of our awakened Heart.  It requires a complete reversal of the focus of our attention – away from the world into the boundless love of the open Heart.



Trust requires us to become a child again

At this most poignant moment in time – when all our safe and secure structures are falling around us – we may ask: What if this disintegration of the known is not a disaster but an evolutionary opportunity used by Love to call us home again.  What if this moment requires us to take off our armour, put down our swords and release ourselves from the sophistication of our deeply conditioned educated intellects,  and to actually become a child again, simple, open and innocent.   This is what  Yeshua (Jesus)  means when he says that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we have to become children again.  This is what Rumi is calling us to when he speaks of the Field beyond right and wrong and this is what the Heart of Life – “The Mother” is beckoning us to seek now.

Would we be willing to leave the safe shores of the mind and plunge into the unknown territory of the heart and learn to trust again, to be a child again, and to “allow” that field of Love to take us Home.  At this time, we all face uncertainty in varying degrees – the way into the Trusting Heart calls us to an evolutionary  choice point now – to face the unknown with pure innocence and trust,  or to live the known status quo into another generation.  The path through the shadow of the times we live in, absolutely requires us to go within and activate the Heart of a Love that has the power to activate our intrinsic Soul force which is ultimately the only power we have to change the world.



“Choose Love, Love!

Without the sweet life of Love, living is a burden—–

as you have seen..” Rumi


The Teachings of the Scarlet Sutra is dedicated to the Red Goddess Lalita, Sophia, Mary Magdalene, the 64 Yoginis and The Red Priestesses from all Traditions throughout the Ages.


Full Moon September 2020

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