Resurrection – “Behold the Feminine Christ”


“Red Priestess – She who Births/Resurrects Ancient Mother-Wisdom”


What is called for at this most pivotal time of humanity’s evolution is the deepest attention to the resurrecting and the birthing of Core Feminine.   This is the path of the Mother.  It is the most vital work we are most called to now.  It is most important to understand this point – this journey is not one that is made on an intellectual level, it is rooted in a place of embodied Heart awareness wedded to Truth.  It cannot be comprehended on the level that we are used to serving from, it comes from a place of cellular embodiment – this is the path that we need to choose and give our attention to now as we move into the challenging years ahead.

I see 2021 as the year of Resurrection, the birth of the path of Illumined Embodiment.  We each are called to walk this path in our own way and yet there is one common growth point into expansion, as we open to more and more of this potent Feminine Light which holds our deepest wisdom, we are also called to include all of humanity in our awakening. No longer is our awakening just for our own individual liberation from bondage,  but it includes all of humanity, all creatures, the Earth, and all beings everywhere, the whole collective.  This means as we reach higher we also dig deeper into our collective humanity and expand our yearning beyond just our personal desire for freedom.  This takes both great maturity and also enormous guts and courage as we let go of all the comfortable illusions provided by the status quo/system and stand naked in the truth of the Tremendous, Tremendous Love that wants to birth through us.

As women we have been systematically stripped of our power and our natural alignment with Her Grace.  Resurrection implies new birth and new life where we do the trench work of excavating those exiled aspects of Our/Her power that we have relegated to the deepest unconscious.  We have no idea how much power and love we hold within, nor do we have any idea that this Grand Power of Love desires most of all to be birthed through us.  Power, not based on the patriarchal model but power that is inclusive of all and which carries the  fragrance of a Love that knows no bounds or boundaries.  In order to excavate these exiled aspects we face our deepest wounds.  It is only when we walk across that Sacred Threshold, that doorway into the unknown, that the the Divine Child is born within us, born through our very body and through intimacy with the Divine Breath, our most Sacred Connection to Love.


“Sacred Threshold”


“This Second Coming is

not a return of Christ

but a new arrival of

Female Presence, once

Strong and Powerful, but

enchained since the dawn

of patriarchy”



It is surely a fight worth giving up everything we have ever held sacred for.  It is this miracle of new life riding on the sure wings of Grace and Alignment, of Courage and the Deepest Trust in our Soul purpose: as the unfoldment of this Great Love for all beings, that Unity is birthed, and that the Original Blueprint for humanity can be resurrected. 


“It is a fight worth giving up everything we have held sacred for.” 


Make no mistake, we will be tested from every angle, all our attachments and illusions brought to light. The path requires discipline, facing our personal shadow, guts and loads of Grace.   It is only by demonstrating the deepest self love and respect for the Divine Vessel that we each are that this Resurrection/Birth can even take place.  It requires the Fiercest Love  and single minded purpose to bring this forth.  We face this evolutionary choice point now…every moment, every breath, every thought significant in this Divine Resurrection of Love.

The Mother is waiting….It is time to bring Her Home.



“The birth of the Resurrection”


The Teachings of the Scarlet Sutra is dedicated to the Red Goddess Lalita, Sophia, Mary Magdalene, the 64 Yoginis and The Red Priestesses from all Traditions throughout the Ages.


Prem Moodaley

Christmas Eve 2020


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