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Devotion – “Belonging to the Beloved”



“Before the world was I longed for Thee

I longed for Thee and Thou for Me

When two burning desires come together

Then is Love perfected”

Mechthild of Magdeburg

Devotion  is the the fragrance of a burning desire for Union with the Beloved.  I speak here not of a relationship with a Deity or Teacher or Transcendent spirit  outside of yourself but of the very Essence of your Being within the very temple of your body – the One known as the Inner Beloved.

In the poem above the mystic Mechthild of Magdeburg receives this transmission from the Divine who is on fire for union with Her.  What we are seeking is ardently seeking us and all of this alchemy is happening within us – with each breath we breathe in this Divine Passion which is here now – in this moment, in this place, at this time. It is this hunger and this longing that feeds the fires of Consummation in a field of Love.


“Devotion is the divine steaming through you

From that place in you before time.

Love’s energy flows through your body,

Toward a body, and into eternity again.

Surrender to this current of Devotion 

And become one with the Body of Love”

Lorin Roche

Devotion is falling in Love with That Unspeakable Truth as the True Beloved of the Heart – it is forged in a fire that burns away your stories of limitation, your vain self images and the masks of your false identity.  Sometimes we have to have suffered enough to reach this place, where the suffocating constraints of a limited identity forces you into the arms of this Infinite space of Love.

This dedication to the Holy Beloved is not a discipline but a soft fine tuned attention that flows with joy and a quiet bliss.  The child of this Sacred Union is pure spontaneity.  Life is lived as a sacrament – every action transmitting the beauty and love of this inner union. This is true reverence and true freedom.

When you embody devotion in this way and at this primal level you are no longer a person but a Living Library of Love – you are the vehicle for the transmission of Truth.  Through your Presence the elixir of all the Sacred texts can be read all the Treasures of the Heart Revealed. You are the Radiance of Love this suffering world has been waiting for.


“Through your Presence the elixir of all Sacred texts can be read

….all the Treasures of the Heart revealed”

The Teachings of the Scarlet Sutra is dedicated to the Red Goddess Lalita, Sophia, Mary Magdalene, the 64 Yoginis and The Red Priestesses from all Traditions throughout the Ages.

Prem Moodaley

Copyright 2018

December 2018


Lorin Roche – The Radiance Sutras (his beautiful interpretation of the Vijnanabairava Tantra) Published by Sounds True 2014

Carol Lee Flinders (quote from Mechtild of Magdeburg) Enduring Grace – Audible Sounds True



Alchemy:  transmuting, transformation, blending, magic, third force, fire, chaos, base metals into gold, eternality



In the last sutra – I wrote about “The Firepit of Consciousness” – in this sutra, we explore alchemy, which is a stage of the journey where intense transformation takes place deep within and beyond the playground of duality. There is a beautiful Sanskrit word that describes “Alchemy” it is called “Tapas”

Shambhavi Lorain Chopra in her gorgeous book “Yogini” speaks about this fiery transformation – “Real tapas is more than any enforced asceticism.  It is the heat that rises from a passionate form of the Divine energy seeking to transcend all limitations.  Tapas is the heat of spiritual inquiry and aspiration that makes the sadhaka consume all the fleeting needs and desires in life.  The fire in the soul connects with the life-fire in the body, finding expression through the heart, leading one to liberate or detach oneself from illusion, creating the way to self-realization.  This is the real inner movement of tapas.”



“You are a Ruby in the Heart of Granite – how long will you try to deceive us? “- Rumi

Alchemy is the testing ground on the path of Sovereignty, Awakening and Freedom as it burns away all that does not serve the evolution of the Soul.  For a moment, let me describe the three layers of the personality that I have encountered –

At the level of the first layer of the personality – we are totally hooked into the collective unconscious and our personal story.  The collective unconscious – is the place where duality is most active, with its numerous distractions, pushes and pulls, stories and games.  Everything is divided and separate – and “I”, “Me” and “Mine” is most important to the personality.  Attachment and judgement underlies everything. There is a total identification with name, form and personal history.

The middle layer of the personality is less dense but there is still identification with name and form.  This is the layer of the seeker.  The personality seeks to discover the answers to the deeper questions of life.  We explore who we are beyond our personality through teachers, workshops and books.  This is a very tender and beautiful space but we still can get caught in the collective mindset, the values of the patriarchy and the “survival of me”

The inner layer of the personality is the most tender, vulnerable and naked space.  In this space one has seen through the illusions, and the Soul has started to manifest on a conscious level in the life of the seeker who has had a glimpse of the treasure within.  The Soul is now shining through the many veils and shrouds that has veiled its Luminous  Presence  and most importantly – the personality has chosen the Soul – also known as the “Inner Beloved”. 



burning the veils of Illusion

Its at this inner layer where the process of alchemy ignites the fire of transformation and we are remade and reborn “In the Firepit of Consciousness”. We feel exposed, vulnerable and tested and it takes the courage and grit of the Spiritual Warrior to bear with the process of the heat of transformation.  We are cleansed of all that is illusionary and there are whispers of the holy marriage within.  Andrew Harvey speaks of this in his book – The Way of Passion – A Celebration of Rumi –  “Purification is frightening, because in the fire there is a lot of spitting and black smoke, a lot of difficulty happens.  Then, expansion: the fire enters the log and the Light enters, you burn in the fire and the blaze is without interference now because the impurities have been burned away.”  You close your ears to the “noise” of the world and you claim your Sovereignty.




The writings of the Scarlet Sutra is dedicated to The Red Goddess – Lalita, Sophia, Mary Magdalene, The Yoginis and The Red Priestesses of all traditions throughout the ages.


Andrew Harvey:  The Way of Passion – A Celebration of Rumi – Frog Ltd. 1994

Shambhavi Chopra: Yogini – Wisdom Tree 2006

Copyright Prem Moodaley 2016

Samhain 31 October 2016




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