image003In 2012 – after a 40 day intensive meditative practice – a group of my soul sisters and I, visited the Hirapur Yogini Temple in Orissa India. The focus of our practice was –

To return the feminine to her rightful place of honour

To heal the wounds to the feminine, in ourselves, the collective and to connect to the Sacred Feminine as embodied by the 64 Yoginis.



Who then are the 64 Yogini’s

image004In Shakta Tantra The Awakened Women is called Yogini. In Tibet she is known as Dakini and in contemporary feminine literature as The Wild Woman. The 64 yogini’s represent the 64 arts of Sacred Feminine Embodiment.

Tantric Shaktism puts the Blissful Sacred Feminine at the very epicentre of the Cosmos. The vibrant dynamic life force principle that emanates from this centre is known as Shakti. Shakti is the shimmering, undulating, flowing, blissful, erotic Love energy that surrounds and interpenetrates all living Creation. In Shakta Tantra – everything is Shakti and so Matter (Mother) is a reflection of Supreme Consciousness. In this path nothing is left out, all dualities are integrated and the sacred and the profane exist in complete harmony with each other.

Tantra literally means to “weave together”. It is completely free from hierarchy – as all is an emanation of the Grace of Shakti – The Sacred Feminine Force. All of Creation is united in endless permutations of diversity.

Yogini’s as portrayed in these beautiful open air temples are emanations from the heart of the Sacred Feminine. They embody the wild completely awakened nature of the Feminine. Some of their beautiful forms have heads of animals, and some of them, animal, birds or reptiles as companions. Their deep connection with the natural world speak volumes of the sacredness of matter and the deeply instinctual awakened nature of the Earth and all of her creatures.

image005Each of these blissful figures embody the unfettered wildness which Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book “Women who Run with the Wolves” – calls Wild Women. These ancient and mysterious temples that were once not even on the map and exist in wild and remote places are now at this time being discovered by women of all races and spiritual persuasions from all around the world. In fact all the women’s circles cropping up in every city in the world mimic the circular open air temples where these emanations of unfettered Power and Love reside. I believe that the 64 Yogini’s are calling us back to the stories of the Power, Love and Freedom encoded within our bodies – and as they are, so too are we emanations from Her Sacred Heart. They represent Fierce Compassion, Love, Awakening, Sovereignty and Freedom.


I will be publishing the book :  EROTIC WISDOM OF THE 64 YOGINI’S”  in early 2021.