“ Someday after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for god the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, humanity will have discovered fire ” PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN

Sacred Feminism is about doing the work to retrieve the Sovereignty of the Feminine Soul from the patriarchal ego mind that has destroyed the Earth and robbed the human female of her intrinsic nobility, dignity, honour and power. It is important to note that patriarchy is a system of conditioning and control that saturates all sectors of society and affects men as well as women.

Sacred Feminism is about becoming conscious of the ways we have allowed this energy to infiltrate our being in overt and insidious ways.

We take constructive action in dismantling it within and around us. It is only then can we access the deep Evolutionary Presence of the Sacred Feminine.

This work is a multi-focussed excavation of our unconscious feminine wounding. By doing the work – we heal the wounds offered up by the deep unconscious and become awakened to the Evolutionary Sacred Feminine within us.

The foundation of the Course – that which holds all of the work we do, together – is the growing awareness of the Presence of Love within and all around us. Love no longer a concept but an experiential reality in which we immerse ourselves. Learning to be receptive to this Matrix of Love is essential to our healing on every level, in fact it is the most important healing component of the Course.

We can uncover our wounds but if we do not know how to open to Love with Devotion – our healing journey will be short circuited and unsustainable. Love is the Balm that allows all our hidden suffering to rise to the surface to be transmuted and transformed. We do this work not just for ourselves but for the Universal Feminine residing within all those suffering at this time on Earth.

In order for deep and authentic healing to occur – we ground ourselves within the body of the Matrix of Love in a conscious way which allows for deep and sustainable healing.

When we have done our healing work, dissolved our stories, armouring, defences, and opened to Love –we are ready to create our own unique foundation for the 64 Arts of Sacred Feminine Embodiment.

The journey into the Heart of the Feminine Wound is a self-paced online 8 module course. It was born out of my desire to heal my own suffering and the suffering of the Universal Feminine within all Creation.

Each module is an in depth exploration of one of eight wounds. We use five different tools/approaches to excavate the wounds from our unconscious and make them conscious. Once the wounds are conscious we surrender into The Matrix of Love – holding our Intention and Attention to its Presence.

This force-field of Love and Power, Awareness and Bliss dissolves and transmutes our suffering held within our minds and connects us to New Cosmic Resonances. This Field of Evolutionary Love contains the Sixty Four Arts unique to each one of us within the Soul purpose of this life time. Through doing the work we take back our Sovereignty from systems of control that do not serve our Soul’s Awakening.

Through Embodied Sovereignty, Awakening occurs naturally and organically. Polarities unify birthing new vibratory fields that are soulful and untethered from limitation and struggle. The Embodied Sovereign Feminine rises from deep within the Body Temple and the giving and receiving of Love occur in a Field of Pure Spontaneity. Self-Love manifests in Service to Truth.

With Freedom – the Visionary is born. The Universe becomes the playground and the whole world becomes one’s treasured family. The thrust of creativity brings forth new ways of being and seeing. We connect with our soul purpose developing our inner visionary – birthing unique solutions to problems facing our communities and our planet at this time of deepening schisms and crisis.

Opening up to Love in deeper and deeper surrender opens us to our multidimensional nature. Through deepening into non-dual Unity Consciousness both our suffering and joy become portals that open to greater Receptivity, Love and Grace.