All course material will be emailed to you via pdf document.

An invitation to set up a private one on one session with me – one session per module. This applies only to option 1 – see below.  These sessions will last between 1hr15min each.  In these sessions we will discuss the course material, I will initiate and guide you through the exercises, meditations and activations and we will work through your personal story and wounding.  I will provide Deep Listening and Presence to your process, teach you how to deal with difficult emotional states and hold a heart centered witness to your process.  My in depth experience in working with shadow material and the egoic mind will ease your journey through the wounds and facilitate your healing on all levels.

In order to accommodate all levels of financial means I have tried to make available a number of different options:


R450 per module ($33) – this module includes a one on one session as well as email support

The first three modules form the foundation of the course and if you decide to register for all three modules upfront then the fee is:

R1000 ($72)  for the foundational first three modules.

Option 2:

R350 per module ($27) – this module is available with email support only.

The first three modules form the foundation of the course and if you decide to register for all three modules upfront then the fee is:

R850 ($61) for the foundational first three modules.

The Gift Option: 

“In a gift economy – wealth is not how much you have but how much you give” – Charles Eisenstein

The movement toward consciously devoting one’s time and attention to creating a more sustainable, socially just and financially equitable world is growing. It can do so in part because working in the gift, unlike volunteering, does not mean working for free, but rather trusting that some form of sustenance will be received in exchange for the product or service given.

I believe alternatives to the current system are urgently needed and so welcome the opportunity to help individuals who may not always have the means to pay for my services. Because I can only do this when my own basic needs and costs are covered, I am grateful to the wonderful people who, through their referrals, gifts in trade or donations, have supported and continue to support me in this shift to living and working in the gift.

*Donation:  If you cannot afford the above options then you can choose the donation option – this is available with email support.  “You choose this option by going into your heart and finding an amount that resonates with what this course means to you, how much you are willing to give to it and what you hope to receive from it.  In integrity and with love choose an amount that fulfills these heart intentions.”

If you cannot afford to even donate and are in dire financial circumstances but really feel drawn to this work, then with “heart integrity” choose the:

*GiftThe work will be made available to you with email support.

“May the work that this course intends to bring to the world find its home in your heart and may you be part of the solution to the change that is brought about by healing the Feminine Wound.  May you be blessed.”

All fees are made through direct deposit or through Paypal.



For inquiries or further questions please email: info@sacredfeminism64.com