“So long as we divide ourselves with ancient dualities, spirit or matter, white or black, we cannot know the sacredness of matter. We are blind to the unity that nurtures diversity”

Marion Woodman

What arises when two polarities unify is a third way, usually known as the middle way. This third way is creative, as it allows us to embody a new way of relating to our life situation that is in alignment with our highest growth and evolution. This new way penetrates our defences,  our hidden armour, and our encrusted conditioning –  and allows for a deep surrender into grace.


The time of polarizing opposites is over. A new world is being born out of the disaster of this industrial age. The duality inherent in this patriarchal era of opposites that are in constant conflict with each other is over. Now is the time of the Sacred Feminine. When She arises within us, polarities come together in a new and fresh way.


Processing our ego/personality self is a unique and ground breaking method developed by my teacher Leslie Temple Thurston. We use polarity processing techniques to find our way out of our ego and to embody the luminescence of our True Self.
These techniques teach us to not deny or suppress either side of a polarity in a situation. By uncovering the reasons why we are the way we are and react the way we do – we excavate our unconscious motivations and bring both sides of a polarity to the light of our conscious awareness. We integrate the dualities inherent in an issue or trigger event into unity and resolution, through radical compassion, unconditional acceptance and surrender.

Private Sessions with me:

In a one on one session with me you will uncover the themes that keep replaying in your life through your story…we process the polarities inherent in the story and come to a place of deep surrender, resolution and peace.

Each session lasts about 1h 15min – through my experience in working with the shadow material and the egoic mind I will guide you through your patterning and teach you to hold a witness to the polarities inherent in your unique story. 

Option 1:

R35o per session with Skype support ($27)

Option 2: 

R260 per session with Email support($20)

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*Donation: If you cannot afford the above options then you can choose the donation option – this is available with email support. “You choose this option by going into your heart and finding an amount that resonates with what this course means to you, how much you are willing to give to it and what you hope to receive from it. In integrity and with love choose an amount that fulfills these heart intentions.”

If you cannot afford to even donate and are in dire financial circumstances but really feel drawn to this work, then with “heart integrity” choose the:

*Gift: The work will be made freely available to you with email support.

“May the work that this course intends to bring to the world find its home in your heart and may you be part of the solution to the change that is brought about by healing the Feminine Wound. May you be blessed.”

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  It may seem like fate, but we are the cause. The more we become conscious of what is unconscious in us, the less we are subject to the effects of what lies in the shadows of consciousness.

Carl Gustav Jung